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Welcome to, where you will find valuable information about the casinos found on the internet. Many of our favourite online gambling casinos can be found right in this casino guide. Use the directory on the left to find the best casinos for blackjack, slots, poker and all your other favorite games.

Want to skip the whole informational pitch? Here are some great slot casinos where you can start gambling with their fun games right away without having to download any software. Read the reviews before entering their casino sites:

If you are not in a big hurry to start gambling at the online casinos and you would like a more rewarding overall experience then here are some more casino slot sites for you to try. These casinos allow you to download their software for free. You can get started faster at the no download casinos but when you do download software, you will be rewarded with a more robust gaming experience. Read the reviews and then enter the following online casinos that have free software to download

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All of the casinos that you will find here in this casino guide are physically located offshore which makes them legal. There are many online casinos to choose from in this directory so your best bet, so to speak, would be to try the ones that we recommend right here since they are the gambling establishments that we have personally had the most success with. Good Luck! Read the reviews to find the best promotions and games!

Real Money Gambling

If you are interested in gambling with real money online, these casinos are where the action can be found. Use the chart below to select a real money casino for some fun gambling action. If you would like more information about these online casinos then use the menu on the left to see the casino reviews.

Popular bonuses

125 Free Spins from Yukon Gold Casino
125 Free Spins from Yukon Gold Casino

125 Free Spins

$1,000 Bonuses + 200 Free Spins from VoodooDreams Casino
$1,000 Bonuses + 200 Free Spins from VoodooDreams Casino

Starter package for new players that gives $1000 + 200 Book of Dead Free Spins

80 Free Spins From Zodiac Casino
80 Free Spins From Zodiac Casino

80 Free Spins

These online casinos are legal because they are physically located offshore in a country or principality that has made gambling over the internet legal.

The casino types that are listed consist of either download or no download casinos. In general, you will get a more robust gaming experience if you opt for the download version of these online casinos. If you are in a big hurry or if you have a very slow internet connection then you may not want to wait for the software to download to your computer. If this is the case then you may want to try gambling at one of the ‘no download’ casinos that uses a flash version of their gaming software for people who are in a big hurry to either win or lose with their hard-earned money. Just remember that you should only gamble with money that you consider to be expendable and also keep in mind that the words ‘spendable’ and ‘expendable’ do have different meanings.

Many of these online casinos also have bonus offers. Each one is a little different. Bonus offers do change frequently. In fact, the casino bonus offers that we list are definitely subject to change. We try to keep up with what the online casinos have to offer but we suggest that you click through to the actual casino site to see what their current promotions are.

We do not believe in any way guarantee that the casino bonuses that are listed are current or valid. They were current and valid when we listed them and we do try to update them regularly but you should see the actual casino for the most up to date bonus offers that they have.

A majority of the online casinos offer a ‘free version’ of their casino. Sometimes it may be a good idea to use their free version before you engage in real money wagering and casino gambling. In this way you can get to know the casino a little before laying down your hard cold cash — Gamble online at your own risk.

Many of the real money casinos can be found in the menu to the left under “Casinos in Review”. Just click on any of the online gambling establishments listed to see a short review and then to visit them so that you can start gambling for real money or just for fun! At the bottom of the menu on the left you will find some other fine online gambling establishments which you should definitely visit. They just didn’t happen to make it onto our internet casino comparison chart that is listed above because we (I) ran out of space..and patience, since there are so many great online casinos that are worth mentioning. Most internet casinos are honest. It’s just like it is in the real world, try to find a casino where your luck will flourish.

Popular Pokies

Gambling Tips

  1. Only gamble what you can easily afford to lose. If you feel that you may have a gambling problem then you should visit Gamblers Anonymous.
  2. Before you visit one of the online casinos, make sure that you have a game plan. Know how much you are willing to bet and for how long you should gamble. You should be willing to leave the casino when it is time to do so.
  3. Try something different! Gambling at the same casino games over and over can get boring… and, as always, have fun at the internet casinos!