Online Casinos with Low Deposit – Play for Minimum

If you are looking for an online casino with a minimal deposit, you will only find a small part of the providers. Often casinos require a deposit amount of 20 dollars or more, which is not suitable for all Canadian, Australian, UK or New Zealand players.

That’s why we have created a that presents the best reviews and bonus codes that can be used on low deposit sites such as 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 15 dollars depot or even just one dollar.

Our List of the Best Minimum Deposit Casinos

100% up to 20$
200% up to $20
100% up to 25$
150% up to $37.5
100% up to $25

Gambling Providers

One of the most significant differences between a classic no deposit casino bonus and one that requires a minimum deposit is the ability to pay out unlimited winnings. While free vouchers – which often only have a value between 3 to 20 dollars – almost always a maximum payout amount (for example, 100 $/€/£) is set, this bonus condition is not applied to the offers presented here.

You can usually play in an online casino only with real money if you have previously made a deposit. Casinos set individual limits regarding the minimum deposit amount and also the maximum deposit. Although this does not necessarily indicate whether a casino is more suitable for occasional gamers or high rollers due to the fixed amounts, one can nevertheless draw certain conclusions from it.

A casino, which can be used on the Internet only from 20 dollar deposit, is not only looking for customers who intend to use only small sums. But thanks to the great competition, several providers have now turned their attention to the “smaller purse” and are already making payments on the casino account starting at $1.

There are also many players who want to test first with a small deposit offer and slot machines – not always a low first deposit means that you do not intend in the long run to use larger amounts. But casinos that do not meet these requirements are not featured on this website.

Why is there a minimum deposit?

Every online casino has its own rules regarding deposits. In addition to the minimum deposit amount, this includes the choice of payment methods (for example, if PayPal is available) and amount of fees.

Now, most no minimum casinos accept the payment fees that are due on a player’s deposit. This means: For the customer, payment is free. However, service providers such as PayPal or Giropay, Neteller, etc. which take over the processing of deposits are thus paid by the online casino. Of course, these costs are carefully calculated and lead to the fact that the majority of providers set a minimum deposit amount.

Casinos would lose a lot of money if they allowed players to deposit a dime. Because then costs incurred for payment would be higher than the deposited amount (even if the player would lose everything). Of course, no company can afford that and therefore, this possibility is not offered anywhere.

The absolute lowest deposit that can be made at reputable online casinos is 1 dollar. And even this option is unlocked only at a fraction of the hundreds of casino operators. Once the limit of 5 dollars is reached, the selection is already larger. The usual minimum deposit at renowned casino portals is 10 to 20 dollars. You can read about 1$ minimum deposits or about $5 minimum deposit casinos.

What is a minimum deposit?

In the industry, a minimum deposit usually refers to an amount between $1 to $25. However, of course, it depends mainly on a budget of the player, which sum he defines as a “low amount” for themselves.

Although we generally advise against putting the last available money in slot machines, there are still a lot of players who plan to do just that. It is not only looking for a low deposit option but above all should be activated by your deposit the highest possible bonus.

In the meantime, a handful of casinos have accepted this circumstance and sometimes offer bonuses well over ten times their deposit. But beware: Such coupons are almost exclusively valid only for the first deposit and can not be used multiple times! Also, multiple-uses with a second user profile is expressly prohibited in terms and conditions.

Often minimum deposit is confused with the minimum bet. However, it must be distinguished:

  •  Minimum bet refers to a particular game (e.g., slot machines, roulette, etc.) and is determined by the software developer. Depending on the number of paylines and reels, this is in most cases between 5 cents and 50 cents.
  • The minimum deposit is the minimum amount that must be deposited to play in real money mode. The casino itself determines this and software developer does not influence it.

Low first deposit useful for testing casino bonus offer

If you are still inexperienced in the field of internet casinos, then low deposits are very good to make your first experiences. You should not pay in bigger sums of money, because you may not be willing to gamble, or you might opt for a website from the competition.

If you have already paid a higher sum in roulette advanced low limit bonus, it is associated with some effort to back the money directly to his bank account. Because of fees already described, casinos do not like to see a player make a bigger deposit, use only a fraction of real money, and then demand a payout. Even from the side of gambling authorities, such behavior is seen critically, because question immediately arises whether it concerns money laundering. Although it is natural to explain, it should be avoided in advance.

On a positive note, all casinos that specialize in low minimum deposits do not charge extra for payment. They invest virtually in customers and hope that this is convinced of the offer and will make further deposits in the future.

Disadvantages of low deposits at online casinos

One of the main criticisms has to do with the award of casino bonuses. Most of the providers offer bonuses only from a deposit minimum, which is often higher than the actual minimum deposit amount. Thus, it may be that with the transfer of only 1$ to 10$ below minimum and can not participate in the promos.

But if you have differentiated yourself for the lowest deposit amount and still want to use the welcome bonus in the further course, then hop and malt is not lost: Most minimum 10$ deposit online casinos know that there are many players who initially pay a small amount to try out functionality and offered games of gaming provider. This is not unusual. Reputable casinos accept this approach and therefore, do not categorically exclude their players from their coupon codes.

So, if you have made a smaller deposit than the required minimum for a bonus, you often have an option of contacting the customer service. It should be mentioned best that you have to make a higher deposit and the first has only served for rummaging and trying out games.

Most casinos will tolerate this completely and allow you to reuse the regular bonuses. Often, a special bonus code is generated for this, which can be obtained directly in live chat or via a telephone hotline. With this one can then use the welcome bonus on the second deposit, which was intended for the first deposit.

If the respective online casino refuses and does not allow a bonus use due to the low first deposit, then you should consider playing at this provider at all. Because often this is a first indicator of how the company behaves in the event of a payout or any problems. It is then easy to choose from a large number of competitors and can safely copy the casino for themselves.

Are the chances with and without bonus identical?

Before you start one of the games, you should first pay attention to the payout percentage of each slot machine. It does not matter if you have used a deposit bonus or not. Chances are the same for all players. Even if a bonus is perceived, the offered software does not differ. Results from the game rounds are still subject to the random generator, which is regularly tested by independent institutes.

But even if there are no differences between the game with bonus credit and one with their own money, real money still has an advantage: If you are in mode with real money, you always have an opportunity to pay. It does not matter if only a few rotations were made on high and low rollers, or has already been played for several hours. By navigating to the “cashier” section, you can initiate a payout in just a few steps. This is not so easy when playing with the bonus code: Here, terms and conditions must first be met, which does not always work without problems. Often this procedure results in a loss, which probably every player wants to avoid. Therefore, even if only the small deposit casinos is used, we recommend that you read terms carefully before agreeing.

Although you take a much lower risk with minimum deposit, it is still real money. This fact is often overlooked when playing online, as transactions are virtual. We, therefore, recommend that you always keep a cool head. Nothing would be more fatal than losing control of gaming – sometimes high losses have been achieved.

Is the payout of winnings easily possible?

Yes, at least if it is a licensed operator! In our comparison, we have taken care to introduce only online casinos. Thus, you as a customer on the safe side – because the last thing you want to have a lucrative cash gain, are legal disputes. These threaten at unserious casinos with headquarters in the Caribbean or South America. But we reviewed only legit sites with licenses from Malta Gaming AuthorityKahnawake Gaming Commission or eCogra If you nevertheless intend to play with such a provider, we can not guarantee you a safe gaming environment. Even though these casinos are highly praised on various platforms, caution is required! Because these reviews often do not reflect reality, but are pure marketing and are not created independently.

Let us now dedicate ourselves to the average payout period. This varies due to several factors. First, it depends on which means of payment has been paid. Because with most online casinos, a clear rule applies: It must be paid out over the same method, over which deposit was made. Unless it is a service provider like Paysafecard, where only a deposit can be made, in this case, you then have an opportunity to receive the money through traditional bank transfer.

It also matters whether payout request was made at the weekend or during of week. Not all casinos offer a weekend payout! Thus, one often has to wait a few days, which of course costs nerves. The last important point is whether an account has already been confirmed. Verification is a mandatory requirement to get the money. Because this is a rule of regulatory authorities, which should curb money laundering, if you are already verified, the payout will be much faster!

A tip: You can confirm your identity immediately after logging in. Thus, you shorten later waiting time often by several days.