Best Online Casino Sites with 20$ Minimum Deposits

If you want to play in a low online casino, you usually have to make the first deposit on the player’s account. This first deposit is usually at least 10 dollars. However, there are now even providers who breakthrough as a casino with 1$ deposit this rigid approach.

The likelihood that the new gamblers will receive profits from the bonus, which they can then withdraw in real money, is very high. This minus business for the casino is compensated by the fact that the casinos want to win new customers for the next time. Anyone who feels comfortable as a customer in the casino will have good memories in the future and play there. This is how sales are made over a longer period.

Our List of the Best Minimum Deposit Casinos

100% up to 20$
200% up to $20
100% up to 25$
150% up to $37.5
100% up to $25

What restrictions does such a casino have?

Often the casinos want to prevent alleged customers from registering in their casinos, who have no interest in a longer commitment and only want to receive the bonus services of the casino. For this reason, there are often restrictions for interested parties. These are moored at the location from which the casino is visited. So some countries can be exempted from promotion action.

Offers that provide a Welcome Bonus for new customers are often linked to a first deposit. If you choose a casino with a deposit of 20$/€/£, you can often still claim the announced bonus. So players can try out the casino as new customers, without having to invest a lot of money. If the casino with 1 dollar deposit by the bonus replaces the credit of the new customers on the player account, then for the beginning already an interesting credit is available, with which first of all can be played.

Nevertheless, winnings from the low first deposit and the bonus can usually be paid out in real money if the provider’s bonus conditions are met. The respective bonus conditions for the sales in the general terms and conditions of the provider are readable.

Important information about the bonus

To use a 20$ minimum without depositing a lot in the casino account? This is an understandable idea. But there are only a few bonuses offers that work completely for free. If you get 10 euros for free at the casino, you should look very carefully. Often a deposit has to be made in some form, maybe only after a profit has been made.

It’s clear that a free bonus can not end up in the leaderboard. But the bonus advantage of this type of bonus is not high enough.

Experienced gambling fans often avoid the free bonus offers, as much effort is required, but even in the best case usually only a small profit. The situation is different for bonus offers with a deposit, at least if the bonus conditions are designed as fair as with Casino Secret. We really want to make sure that customers have a chance to make the bonus a real advantage. Customer satisfaction is a good thing for us

What is the welcome bonus for a casino with a 20$ minimum deposit?

The terms and conditions of the casinos are different. Many casinos with 1 euro deposit offer to offer 20$ and more as a bonus, if a deposit of one euro after the registration with the casino is paid. This is then a good amount available, with already some games that can be tried. The player’s investment is only one euro.

The deposit can be made via different payment methods. In most cases, no fees for the deposit on the player account. Transfers, credit card payments, Paypal or e-wallets are often offered.

Who can use a casino with as low as 20 dollars deposit?

Most casinos offer the one-euro deposit only for new customers as a welcome gift. In most cases, a welcome bonus for the new customers is linked to the registration with the first deposit of one euro. This is a pure marketing action of the casinos. It is intended to actively gain new customers for the casino. And so that the new customers can play the casino really without risk, the bonus is spent by the casino.


Why should I use a casino bonus?

A free credit from the online casino, we can recommend in principle, because at this moment offers the operator the opportunity to test the offered games without a large deposit. However, it is essential to read through the bonus terms, such as whether there is a max bet rule (5 € max bets) or how often the bonus must be implemented. More about Casino Bonus you can read here.

Is there also a bonus without a deposit?

Also, this possible form of the bonus exists of course. The no deposit casino bonus is usually no higher than 10 euros and must be implemented at least 50-100 until you can apply for a payout. Also very often it happens that the amount of the payout is limited, z.b. not more than 100 euros. You can read more about casino bonus without deposit in this post.

Can I also play with Bonus in Live Casino?

UNFORTUNATELY, NO! The gaming offers from the live casino area are excluded from all reputable providers in our online casino test. The reason for this is obvious: The house edge at Live Casino Games is so low that the providers would lose a lot of money. Tip from us: Play the bonus on online slots and then switch to the live games section!

Which games can I play with a casino bonus?

The selection is not limited, but you should preferably implement the bonus on slot machines. Often games such as roulette, blackjack or other card games are calculated only with 10% turnover since here the house advantage is significantly lower and thus protect the provider against bonus Abuse.